In 2016, when the old Horotiu sand quarry closed, Perry Group embarked on realising their vision to create Waikato’s first master planned, mixed-use development, Te Awa Lakes.

The vision is to transform the northern ‘gateway to Hamilton’ into a vibrant community and tourism destination through a mix of high-quality, medium density residential housing, river links, tourism activities, and a seven-hectare recreation/adventure precinct. The essence is to bring water, with all its spiritual, cultural, health and well-being, and life-enhancing properties into the lives of people from all walks of life.

In 2021, the vision became a detailed master plan after resource consent was granted by the Hamilton City Council.

The connection to the Waikato River is at the heart of Te Awa Lakes. The awa is a defining natural feature of our region, and it runs the entire eastern length of Te Awa Lakes. Its waters have historical and spiritual significance, bring health and well-being, and enrich people’s lives in many different ways.

In addition to reinvigorating what is currently an industrial-zoned part of the city, Te Awa Lakes aligns closely to the city’s ‘Future Proof’ strategy for housing supply. One of the key areas within this strategy is the creation of ‘centres of community’ to better cope with the predicted population increase in Hamilton and the surrounding region within the next few decades.

Perry Group believe that by working closely with the community, Hamilton City Council, regional authorities and local Iwi, the site can be transformed to make Te Awa Lakes a vibrant and thriving part of our city while bringing a host of benefits, both economically and socially.

Te Awa Lakes is a 90ha, three-phase master-planned development for the old Perry sand quarry at Horotiu that will transform this northern gateway into a vibrant community.


Te Rehu o Waikato

Perry Group has always had a strong connection to the Waikato River. A founding sponsor of the Te Awa River Ride cycleway, Perry Group works closely with Waikato Tainui to identify and recognise sites of significance, and to promote their cultural, spiritual, and historic relationships with the Waikato River.

‘Te Rehu o Waikato’ (the Mist of Waikato), also known as ‘The Waikato River Bridge’, is a 143m long five-span bridge carrying SH1 over the Waikato River. The elegant and efficient structural form has been enhanced by incorporating surface patterns reminiscent of traditional Moko (Māori tattoos), that were developed in close consultation with local iwi artists to help connect the structure to the heritage of its surroundings.


The Te Awa Lakes vision is a sustainable multi-modal community that has walkable amenities on your doorstep.

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