Housing designed to suit your lifestyle

Multi Level Apartments

Bedrooms: 1-3 bedroom

House Area:  70m2 – 100m2

Duplex & Terraced Housing

Bedrooms: 1-3 bedroom

House Area: 95m2 – 200m2

Architectural Homes

Bedrooms: 1-5 bedroom

House Area: 200m2 – 500m2


Right on the water

Lakeside terrace rows, duplexes or standalone homes, take your choice. Nearly 750 metres of lakeside frontage…


Overlooking the lake

Shared workspaces will be available in office buildings with views over the feature lake that runs almost the entire length of Te Awa Lakes…


By the river

Find bars and eateries on the banks of the Waikato River, along with adventure activities for all ages…

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